Pop Quiz

 Posted By: je froilan m. clerigo

Question: You find yourself defending an essentially indefensible R.A 9262 case. What do you do?

Answer: You attack the lawyer of the complainant! You file a case against her, preferably something criminal, like falsification. And who cares if it’s a trumped up, totally false, totally outlandish  charge?! What matters is, just like your client, you plan to use this charge as your leverage, to harass and annoy the lawyer so that, you hope, she will advise her client to withdraw the case against your client.

What, you say that it's ridiculous, that it isn't the call of the lawyer to have the case withdrawn anyway, so that it is pointless suing her? Well, you're not this lawyer that we encountered. That’s just what he did to us, in one of our cases, and to one of our younger associate lawyers. All that our associate did was to notarize the verification of the complaint and, before she could say “What the hell?!”,  she got herself a criminal suit.

 And you can see that the lawyer who filed this harassment case seemed to be quite pleased with himself and at what he'd done!